Down Syndrome Awareness Month {Arlington, VA Photographer}

It's Down Syndrome Awareness Month, so my family participated in the Down Syndrome Buddy Walk for Northern VA this weekend.

My girls had a blast.

Ellie's highlights were petting and hugging a llama, then taking a selfie with it*, jumping in the bounce house, and receiving a medal as a VIP which she promptly shared with her new goat friend.

Caroline's highlights were dancing and then being super sleepy in her stroller and missing the rest of the fun.

*The llama may be an alpaca.  Not sure.

Sweet Siblings {Arlington, VA Child Photographer}

A couple weekends ago, I had a Saturday photo session booked.  It rained.  We moved to Sunday.  It rained.  We moved to Memorial Day.  Rain was predicted, but I refused to cancel until I saw water falling from the sky on Monday morning.

Well, I'm happy I didn't reschedule because we had a lovely morning in the Bon Air Memorial Rose Garden and at the adjacent playground.

Big brother was so full of energy and baby sister was the most chill baby I've ever met!

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Celebration! {Arlington, VA Family Photographer}

This family was amazingly fun.  The daughter is preparing for her birthday and First Communion next weekend and everyone was fun to be around.  Worried about rain, I rushed them around Bluemont Park but two energetic kids meant no one was fazed.

We laughed and jumped a lot, and no one got too muddy.

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October is Important.

As many of you know, I have a four year old daughter with Down syndrome.  In honor of October's Down Syndrome Awareness Month, enjoy these images of some beauties with Down syndrome.  These images are my daughter and three of her best friends.  If you or anyone in your family has special needs that require accommodations for your photo session, just let me know.  In my non-photography time, I'm also a special education teacher.

Commercial shot with Ellie, Charlie, and Lu.

From my personal files - baby Audrey.

Ellie in Puerto Rico 2014 from my personal blog.

Welcoming Lu home with big sister.

A birthday celebration.

This girl has come so far.

About half of kids born with Down syndrome also have heart defects.
This is from a heart defect awareness post.