Georgetown Senior Session {Alexandria, VA High School Senior Photographer}

What do you do with an unexpected wide open Sunday evening?

If you're me, you call your intern because she's now officially a high school senior and you drive to Georgetown to explore, snap some senior photos, and convince her to update your headshot.  (Check out my

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After a muggy and hot spell, we had a nice breeze and some beautiful golden light.  Evening light always makes redheads just glow, and I will be editing this session all week!

Happy Senior Year, Jess!  Enjoy your final year at TC Williams.

I can't believe it's already July.  My daughter started summer school today.  I need to finalize our vacation plans, for a vacation that's sneaking up on me.  And I have been busy planning and plotting for sessions ranging from headshots for professional adults to high school seniors to new babies!  

Stay tuned... I have three sessions next weekend so lots of fun updates coming!

Family in the Meadow: Rock Creek Park Family Photographer {Washington, DC}

Gift certificates for a photo session are such a fun gift for a family.  Most families don't have high-quality pictures of everyone - there's usually one person who is always behind the camera.  This session was a Christmas gift for the H family, but a few false-starts with weather meant their session occurred in June!

It was worth the wait.

The meadow near the Rock Creek Park Nature Center was high and the predicted thunderstorms held off.  I love watching siblings interact, and this duo was super sweet.  The best smiles from little sister were directed at big brother.

A few glimpses of this session in Rock Creek Park in DC.  The full session is



This is my favorite of her.  The total focus on whatever cool bug or leaf and the light.

Such a fun age.  The confident look right at the camera!

Looking for a gift for the special dad in your life for Father's Day?  Or thinking ahead for a birthday or the holidays.  Let me know if you want to book a gift session!  


or contact me via





October is Important.

As many of you know, I have a four year old daughter with Down syndrome.  In honor of October's Down Syndrome Awareness Month, enjoy these images of some beauties with Down syndrome.  These images are my daughter and three of her best friends.  If you or anyone in your family has special needs that require accommodations for your photo session, just let me know.  In my non-photography time, I'm also a special education teacher.

Commercial shot with Ellie, Charlie, and Lu.

From my personal files - baby Audrey.

Ellie in Puerto Rico 2014 from my personal blog.

Welcoming Lu home with big sister.

A birthday celebration.

This girl has come so far.

About half of kids born with Down syndrome also have heart defects.
This is from a heart defect awareness post.

A Professional Photo Update.

We live in a digital world, and digital networking is key.  (Hey, that's how you ended up on this blog, isn't it?)  When you do your networking via laptop and phone as well as via meetings, having an up-to-date and professional looking photo is key.

You'll see more of Patrick's family in the upcoming months, but for now, you get to see him looking professional.  I love these "Professional Portrait Sessions" because they're such an easy way to give your networking sites a boost.

Enjoy Labor Day weekend, everyone!

Fun and Laughter: Old Town Alexandria, Va

My favorite thing about my job (both my teaching job and my photography job) is the people I meet.

No exception with this family, who I've gotten to know over the past year.

I could not have asked for a more energetic or entertaining model.  Or a model who loves bright colors more.

B, thank you for always providing some laughter in my day.