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Almost Mother's Day: A Gift Guide

Mother's Day is almost here.  Over the past year, I've had several clients (dads) ask me about camera-related gifts for their wives.  Since I'm guessing these dads aren't the only ones out shopping, here's a

Mother's Day Camera/Accessory Gift Guide.

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Help mom learn to use that fancy camera!

 You could get her a


or even


me to schedule a one-on-one "how to use your camera" session.  Send her out somewhere beautiful for the day with her camera.

Upgrade the lens!

 Almost every mom I talk to has the kit lens that came with the camera.  While that's a great way to learn, I highly recommend trying a prime lens for portraits.  A

50mm f/1.8 lens

(this is an example for Nikon users) allows you to more easily get that pretty blurred background (bokeh).  A prime lens also forces the photographer to move more and not rely on zooming in and out, and switching to a prime lens taught me a ton about composition.

Although in the picture above I have a zoom lens on my camera.  The photograph was taken with a prime though!

Little treats!  I don't know a mom with a camera who doesn't appreciate a

new memory card

, a

camera strap

, or if you want to go beyond little,

a new bag


Happy shopping, Dads!

Happy Mother's Day!

Thank you for letting me capture your moments with your kids!

Happy Mother's Day to the mamas out there, including some of these mamas who let me use their kids to build my portfolio.

Home with her mama - adoption announcement photo.

9 months and adorable.

Mama and little sister.

And one of my favorite photos I've ever taken.... it's grainy.  The quality isn't what I could produce now.  But big sister united with little sister after mama gets home, completing their adoption.... priceless.