Family in the Meadow: Rock Creek Park Family Photographer {Washington, DC}

Gift certificates for a photo session are such a fun gift for a family.  Most families don't have high-quality pictures of everyone - there's usually one person who is always behind the camera.  This session was a Christmas gift for the H family, but a few false-starts with weather meant their session occurred in June!

It was worth the wait.

The meadow near the Rock Creek Park Nature Center was high and the predicted thunderstorms held off.  I love watching siblings interact, and this duo was super sweet.  The best smiles from little sister were directed at big brother.

A few glimpses of this session in Rock Creek Park in DC.  The full session is



This is my favorite of her.  The total focus on whatever cool bug or leaf and the light.

Such a fun age.  The confident look right at the camera!

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Almost Mother's Day: A Gift Guide

Mother's Day is almost here.  Over the past year, I've had several clients (dads) ask me about camera-related gifts for their wives.  Since I'm guessing these dads aren't the only ones out shopping, here's a

Mother's Day Camera/Accessory Gift Guide.

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Help mom learn to use that fancy camera!

 You could get her a


or even


me to schedule a one-on-one "how to use your camera" session.  Send her out somewhere beautiful for the day with her camera.

Upgrade the lens!

 Almost every mom I talk to has the kit lens that came with the camera.  While that's a great way to learn, I highly recommend trying a prime lens for portraits.  A

50mm f/1.8 lens

(this is an example for Nikon users) allows you to more easily get that pretty blurred background (bokeh).  A prime lens also forces the photographer to move more and not rely on zooming in and out, and switching to a prime lens taught me a ton about composition.

Although in the picture above I have a zoom lens on my camera.  The photograph was taken with a prime though!

Little treats!  I don't know a mom with a camera who doesn't appreciate a

new memory card

, a

camera strap

, or if you want to go beyond little,

a new bag


Happy shopping, Dads!