I got my first "real" camera the day before my oldest daughter was born, and I fell in love with photography while taking pictures of her.  She spent three weeks in the NICU and I used that time to do a lot of reading about what would become my passion.  When I'm not holding a camera, I'm holding one of my kids, my husband's hand, or a very large cup of coffee.  I also love running, reading and whatever social time I can get as a mom of two small children.  I volunteer with the Down Syndrome Association of Northern Virginia, and my oldest has Down syndrome.  I spent five years in the classroom and I'm a National Board Certified Special Education teacher, so I'm comfortable around children who have sensory issues or other needs.  I smile when I capture your child backlit at the golden hour or your newborn by the light of the nursery window.  If you're looking for that special accessory to make your photos pop, I'm also a Noonday Collection Independent Ambassador. I love working with the same families year after year, and I can't wait to work with you and tell your story.

Since teaching is my first love, I enjoy teaching photography tutorials one on one or in small groups.  Props to my a recent crew who captured this image and caused this laughter!