Sisterhood: Arlington, VA Family Photographer

These girls are some of my favorites.  I love photographing the same families over the years, because I love to see how kids grow and change.

We had a blast at the Bon Air Rose Garden, running around, laughing during costume changes, and making a quick stop at the playground for a little break.  We managed to get the timing right for some golden light, despite a quick thunderstorm that threatened just an hour before we met up!

I'm continuing to schedule for the rest of 2016, and it's crazy to look at my calendar for September and see so few free slots already!  If you're thinking about booking before the holidays, do so now, even though it's only June!

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Anticipating Baby #4 {Arlington, VA Maternity and Family Photographer}

I love living in a neighborhood full of parks and green space, and I especially love living in a neighborhood with wonderful families like the one I photographed on Saturday evening.

Baby #4 is arriving soon, and will be a lucky kid to have two big sisters and a big brother to welcome him.  The entire family was great to work with - even the littlest, who didn't want to smile for the camera but still let a sweet little personality shine through.  She just wanted to play!

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Sweet Siblings {Arlington, VA Child Photographer}

A couple weekends ago, I had a Saturday photo session booked.  It rained.  We moved to Sunday.  It rained.  We moved to Memorial Day.  Rain was predicted, but I refused to cancel until I saw water falling from the sky on Monday morning.

Well, I'm happy I didn't reschedule because we had a lovely morning in the Bon Air Memorial Rose Garden and at the adjacent playground.

Big brother was so full of energy and baby sister was the most chill baby I've ever met!

My schedule is filling up already for Fall, so don't hesitate to schedule if you plan on holiday photos this year.  I also have some Summer openings left, with new packages and prices starting July 1.  Booking prior to July 1 gets you the current package and prices.  I'll be adding some Christmas and other holiday cards/birth announcement/graduation announcements options in the coming months to help you use your photos to communicate important information to the people you love.

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Chilly Sunday {Fairlington Family Photographer}

When you schedule a session for May 15 in Arlington, VA, you don't usually expect "feels like" temperatures of 40-something degrees, but that's what we had!  Despite the cold wind, I had a great time getting to know this family for their mini-session.

Twice a year, I donate a session for silent auction for causes I love - my church (coming in August) and the school where I taught for over three years.  I'm a fan of these sessions because mini-sessions are a rarity for me, so it's something new, but most importantly, I meet new people and help raise funds for all the great stuff the PTA provides!

We just scheduled a surgery for my older daughter for late June, which means I took some open dates the following week off my calendar.  Book ASAP - Rates change on July 1, but if you book before that, you get the current rate for sessions through the end of 2016!

Tulip Time: Burnside Farms, VA Photographer

I heard about Burnside Farms this year from a friend, shared their site on Facebook, and was reminded that another friend loves tulips.

We managed to squeeze in an after-hours session on the last day the tulips were in bloom, despite scheduling our session for peak tulip days - the weather the week prior was just too hot!

This was another weekend session with rain threatening, but we managed to pick some tulips, laugh, and capture the last of the beautiful blooms.

The teenaged subject many clients may recognize as my fantastic intern Jessica.  We'll be back out to Burnside Farms for Jessica's senior photos this summer and any other members of the class of 2017 who want to have a bright sunny backdrop for their senior portraits.

Interested in a special location session?  Email meganlandmeier@gmail.com.

Celebration! {Arlington, VA Family Photographer}

This family was amazingly fun.  The daughter is preparing for her birthday and First Communion next weekend and everyone was fun to be around.  Worried about rain, I rushed them around Bluemont Park but two energetic kids meant no one was fazed.

We laughed and jumped a lot, and no one got too muddy.

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