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Annual Family Photos {Old Town Alexandria, VA Photographer}

Sunday evening was beautiful in Old Town Alexandria, and I loved spending it with a family I first met last summer.  They take annual family photos, and I was thrilled that they asked me to capture them again.

We covered some serious distance in Old Town, and ducked around a few Pokestops.  (We weren't playing Pokemon Go.  We did spot large groups of people aiming their phones at nothing.)

Despite the heat, we had a great time.  Old Town is one of my favorite places because it offers so many different backdrops and lighting situations.

I'm looking forward to delivering their full gallery.  August is now booked except for weeknight high school senior and tutorial sessions, and the rest of 2016 is filling quickly.  


me ASAP to schedule a session.

Prom 2016: Old Town Alexandria Senior Photographer

One high school student graduating and one getting ready for senior year.  I couldn't be a bigger fan of these two.

We headed to Old Town, Alexandria pre-prom and met at the Carlyle House.  The formal gardens, gazebo and bricks always make me happy - I use them to create some of my favorite images.  When Jess and I first started talking about a prom session, the shot above was the shot I envisioned and I just had to cross my fingers that the balcony at Carlyle House would be open!

After weeks of rain and at times a questionable forecast, the weather was beautiful (if not a little toasty) and I'm so glad I got to capture this fun high school milestone!

My schedule is filling up so call me or


ASAP to get on the 2016 calendar!

Tulip Time: Burnside Farms, VA Photographer

I heard about Burnside Farms this year from a friend, shared their site on Facebook, and was reminded that another friend loves tulips.

We managed to squeeze in an after-hours session on the last day the tulips were in bloom, despite scheduling our session for peak tulip days - the weather the week prior was just too hot!

This was another weekend session with rain threatening, but we managed to pick some tulips, laugh, and capture the last of the beautiful blooms.

The teenaged subject many clients may recognize as my fantastic intern Jessica.  We'll be back out to Burnside Farms for Jessica's senior photos this summer and any other members of the class of 2017 who want to have a bright sunny backdrop for their senior portraits.

Interested in a special location session?  Email meganlandmeier@gmail.com.

Arlington, VA: Newborn and Family Fun Photos

I'm a new mom again.

The second time around is very, very different from the first.  My four year old was our first child, medically fragile, a surprise c-section and a NICU baby.

My newborn was a planned c-section, has an older sister, and came home when she was four days old, healthy.

(If you want the whole story, it's here.)

Getting myself in the picture this time around has been tough.  I feel like I'm constantly dragging the four year old or feeding the baby with no time to get out my camera for fun and less time to make sure someone photographs me.  Plus, I don't feel like I'm moving as well or looking as good as I did following Ellie's birth.

But as some of you have seen, I have been teaching Jessica, a fantastic high school student, a bit about portrait photography.  She came over to take some pictures of me with my family.  Not iPhone selfies, but real photographs.

Moms, stop right now.  Go through your photo albums.  (Not Facebook albums.  Real photos.)  Are you in them?  If not, email me or your local photographer or someone to take real, frame-worthy photos of you with your family.  No one cares what you look like.  Just get in the picture for your kids' sake.

Together, Jessica and I captured photos of the girls alone and together, as well as a few family pictures.  Thank you, Jess!  And clients, some of you will have the joy of meeting Jess this fall!  Jess, thank you for making sure I have proof that I'm part of my own family!

Thank you Jess for these photos!

I Heart Faces: Props.

A few weeks ago, I did senior photos for these two lovely ladies getting ready to graduate in just a few weeks!  Since this senior is a runner, she brought her spikes along.

I think running spikes are my favorite prop.  You can see the senior boy version here.

Fifteen more school days until summer around here!  (Less for the seniors!)

Linking up over at I Heart Faces for the Props challenge.

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