Family of Three {Arlington, VA Fall Family Photographer}

Sunday morning had what could actually be described as a chill in the air.  A few leaves are starting to turn and fall seems to be arriving.  The morning light was beautiful and the perfect time of year for family photos.

This little guy was adorable.  He led the search for bugs, rocks, leaves, dogs, cats and cars.  His parents were sweet as can be and I was happy not only to meet them but to work in Fairlington again.

Tis the season for my calendar being packed full of photographing your beautiful families!  Stay tuned here for lots of updates and sneak peeks, and as always,


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Grist Mill Adventure {Alexandria, VA Fall Family Photographer}

There was a touch of fall in the air on Saturday morning, which made a great setting even better.  I met my clients at George Washington's Grist Mill, a place none of us had previously visited.  The workers were friendly and the grounds were perfect for an adventure with two young girls.  Bridges, stone walls, and old buildings made great backdrop additions to the trees with leaves just starting to show some yellow.

Although the four year old was fairly disappointed to learn that George Washington is no longer living and able to meet her, we had fun exploring the grounds.

Family at Home: Alexandria, VA Family Photographer

I had originally planned to photograph this family on November 1, but rain and schedules pushed us back to December.  It was lovely to finally meet!  Little L is adorable and helped me take some pictures, and his parents were delightful.  They opened up their light-filled home and we got L to decorate the tree a bit.

We wandered outside to the playground and a pond where ducks were swimming.

L got to open his Advent calendar - an Oreo a day (which sounds delicious!)

Thank you, B family, for a fun time with your beautiful family!

Break in the Rain: Alexandria, VA Family Photographer.

After a beautiful Saturday full of photo sessions, I woke up to a downpour on Sunday morning.  After checking with my family and my weather app, we decided to reschedule for that afternoon.

During church, I walked outside with Caroline and was worried that we'd be rescheduling again.

But as I drove to Old Town, the rain had slowed to a mist and while the day remained cloudy, the weather was pleasant and baby B was an absolute joy.  I loved watching him light up with joy at his parents, and the family exuded love for each other.

I'm starting to fill up my limited January schedule, so if you're interested in Spring portraits, let me know so I can save you a spot!

Brothers in Old Town: Alexandria, VA Family Photographer.

Thanksgiving weekend was my weekend to photograph adorable little boys.  I was so excited to meet these sweet brothers.  Their session had been scheduled before baby Caroline was born, and then we had to postpone due to travel.  They were worth the wait!

We walked around Old Town seeking out adventures.  We found doors, bright colors, rocks and leaves.

I put the littlest in a bucket for a shot, and big brother decided to copy.