Batman and Mommy {Old Town Alexandria Family Photographer}

"Mommy and Me" families are some of my favorite to photograph.  I love seeing the bond between mom and child at any age, and these two were no exception.  The sweet three year old donned his Batman shirt, complete with cape and his mom was simply lovely.  Batman posed, flexed, ran and saved Old Town Alexandria from bad guys.

I always love Old Town, but this family made it extra special since it's so close to their home.

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Grist Mill Adventure {Alexandria, VA Fall Family Photographer}

There was a touch of fall in the air on Saturday morning, which made a great setting even better.  I met my clients at George Washington's Grist Mill, a place none of us had previously visited.  The workers were friendly and the grounds were perfect for an adventure with two young girls.  Bridges, stone walls, and old buildings made great backdrop additions to the trees with leaves just starting to show some yellow.

Although the four year old was fairly disappointed to learn that George Washington is no longer living and able to meet her, we had fun exploring the grounds.

A First Birthday Celebration {Alexandria, VA Baby Photographer}

The cutest, pouty-ist lips.

The thickest hair.

The most beautiful siblings and parents.

And the most anti-cake baby I've ever met.

This first birthday session was hilarious and adorable.  This sweet little man acted like we were torturing him to get him to try some cake.  His older siblings were happy to sample, but he was not having it.  However, he was still completely adorable and I loved working with his family!  I'm working on putting together my own baby's cake smash next week and wondering if she'll feel the same way!

My Own Family {Arlington, VA Child Photographer}

Last weekend, we were preparing for my five year old's tonsillectomy and anticipating a low-key week ahead.  Knowing that Ellie probably wouldn't be much for smiling this week, and since I hadn't taken any nine month photos of Caroline, I tried to get some pictures of the girls before church.

Big sister takes over the baby bucket.

Big sister shares giraffe.

Laughter.  So much laughter.

Look Out Kindergarten! {Arlington, VA Children's Photographer}

Here comes Ellie!

After three years of pre-K, she's off to Kindergarten in September.

She has grown up so much since she started preK at just two and a half years old!  We dropped a health form off at her new school earlier in the week and the entire walk there and back was a chorus of "Kindergarten!  I'm ELLIE and I'm going to KINDERGARTEN!  Is this Kindergarten?  Where is Kindergarten, Mommy??"

Make sure those milestones don't sneak by without photos.

No one will miss what year this photo was taken, either - note the Dory shirt.

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Anticipating Baby #4 {Arlington, VA Maternity and Family Photographer}

I love living in a neighborhood full of parks and green space, and I especially love living in a neighborhood with wonderful families like the one I photographed on Saturday evening.

Baby #4 is arriving soon, and will be a lucky kid to have two big sisters and a big brother to welcome him.  The entire family was great to work with - even the littlest, who didn't want to smile for the camera but still let a sweet little personality shine through.  She just wanted to play!

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