Life at Home: Arlington, VA Lifestyle Photographer.

I've had a bit of a break from family sessions due to some weather and personal commitments.  I'll be back with a session on Sunday and three sessions the following weekend.

The nice thing about a break from photographing and editing everyone else's kids is a chance to get my own kids in front of the camera.  Neither is a big fan of posed photos.

Ellie, my five year old, insisted in following me outside the other morning to investigate the weather.  It was starting to sprinkle, but I wanted to check out the light just in case of a miracle.  Ellie also got her ears pierced on Thursday.  The day was windy and she hates the wind, so I snapped some pictures by window light.  She was so brave!

This morning, I tried to get Caroline, my one year old, to play in the leaves.  She had zero interest and wanted the slide and the playhouse instead.

These aren't fancy, well-dressed (although Ellie's jammies are pretty cute) or scripted moments.  They are the reality of my life.  Contact me if you want to schedule a session to capture your reality as well!

Newborn + Big Sister {Arlington, VA Family Milestone Photographer}

I love having the same families in front of my camera.  What started with updating dad's LinkedIn profile has turned into multiple sessions a year, and I've loved watching their daughter grow.  I've also had the joy of watching their family grow!

On a gloomy Saturday morning, I headed to their new house to capture their almost-three-week old baby girl.  The rain took a break long enough to also squeeze in a session for big sister's second birthday.

Sweet nursery window light and outdoor play and trikes and swings and snuggly baby girl....

Down Syndrome Awareness Month {Arlington, VA Photographer}

It's Down Syndrome Awareness Month, so my family participated in the Down Syndrome Buddy Walk for Northern VA this weekend.

My girls had a blast.

Ellie's highlights were petting and hugging a llama, then taking a selfie with it*, jumping in the bounce house, and receiving a medal as a VIP which she promptly shared with her new goat friend.

Caroline's highlights were dancing and then being super sleepy in her stroller and missing the rest of the fun.

*The llama may be an alpaca.  Not sure.

Family of Three {Arlington, VA Fall Family Photographer}

Sunday morning had what could actually be described as a chill in the air.  A few leaves are starting to turn and fall seems to be arriving.  The morning light was beautiful and the perfect time of year for family photos.

This little guy was adorable.  He led the search for bugs, rocks, leaves, dogs, cats and cars.  His parents were sweet as can be and I was happy not only to meet them but to work in Fairlington again.

Tis the season for my calendar being packed full of photographing your beautiful families!  Stay tuned here for lots of updates and sneak peeks, and as always,


is also full of previews!

And in the spirit of fall and the upcoming holiday season, check out my new

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New Baby Boy {Alexandria, VA Lifestyle Newborn Photographer}

A baby boy, snuggly as can be and his sweet mama.

Window light on a beautiful day.

A baby who hardly cried, let me cuddle him, and was cooperative as can be.

All of these came together last week for a peaceful, in-home newborn photo session.  Baby T, his mama and I got a chance to hang out and capture this sweet stage.

Although my weekend sessions for 2016 are nearly booked, I am taking in-home newborn sessions for weekdays, which is great for moms and dads on maternity or paternity leave.