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Welcome to my 2016 Holiday Gift Guide!

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 I often have clients in search of gift ideas with their photographs.  Here you'll find some of my personal favorite photo-related gifts for everyone from baby to grandma.  I enlisted the help of various friends and neighbors to help me discover new products, and I included some gifts I've given my girls in the past that they still play with.  

(*Includes affiliate links)

For grandparents, aunts, uncles and godparents:



from TinyPrints are a great gift.  We purchased them last year for the grandparents as a memento that can be displayed for years to come.  You can use this code for a discount at TinyPrints, although after a certain number of total uses, it will stop working: 



are always a sweet gift.  Pair a couple

couple mugs

with a bag of coffee beans or some fancy hot chocolate!  Or add a Starbucks gift card?


Family magnet

would be great for grandparents, aunts or uncles!  Or someone in college who lives in a dorm.

I also use




, especially for photos I took with my phone that are lower resolution.  Use the code FRIENDOAYF for 15 percent off if you're new!  I may have a Sticky9 addiction.

Cell picture of my fridge.



was recommended as a great way to share photos with far-away family members - just email the pictures!

Everyone loves a

photo book

.  My personal favorite site to create your book is


.  The quality and customer service are excellent.  Need some book ideas?  You could make a year in review, but you could go with a theme such as kids sports, silly baby faces, vacation photos or a book of all your senior portraits.

For teens and tweens:



to use as a journal, for the upcoming semester, or for drawing is a sure winner.  With lined or blank page options, you can make it your own for the teen or tween in your life.

This is a sweet and simple way to share photos in a

beautiful display


Several friends recommended these


.  I haven't purchased one yet, but it seems ideal for photos without a lot of detail (close ups of faces, simple landscapes).  This could also be a fun/funny gift for a college student.

And of course, an

iPhone case

!  (Actually I'd love this for myself!)

For kids:

Whatever card backing you choose, this

memory game

from Pinhole Press is a favorite at my house.  It kept us entertained during the blizzard in January!

Shop Memory Game >

If you know they'll have to write

thank you notes



is a way to make it fun, even for those who are a little too young to write.

We bought the older version of this


for my older daughter for Christmas when she was three and a half.  It was a huge winner!

My daughter would also love


of herself.  Wouldn't any kid?

Santa bought this

board book

for baby Caroline last year with all of our family.  She loves it.  Her big sister also loves to read it aloud.

For the budding photographer:


is a newer model of my

first camera

.  I'm biased, but I think it's a great starting point!

Camera straps

are fun and reasonably priced accessories.

 is a fantastic book.  Not only does it include some fascinating stories, but it's a great study in portraits that tell a story on their own.

I love this



A tutorial session with yours truly


Check the investment tab and


me to schedule, or to book in advance as a gift!

And for anyone: 

Framed prints or canvas

from your photo session are always a hit!  Your session is still up on my

SmugMug site

, even if it was last year!

Take your host/hostess gifts to the next level when you put these


on the bottles of wine

you gift!

Shop Custom Wine Labels

Pinhole Press



puzzles, too, but I love this

big one

for the whole family!

For the family that has everything?

 Get the 2016 rates for a session in 2017 with a gift certificate.  


me for details!