#GraciesWish: A Make a Wish Session

Gracie's family has been important to us since we first met them when their oldest daughter, Charlie, was adopted.  They went on to add three more kids to their family, all adopted from Eastern Europe, all with Down syndrome.

Gracie, however, is facing a lot more than just Down syndrome.  She has a life limiting diagnosis, and has spent far too much of her life in hospitals.

But on Tuesday, Gracie got to celebrate and go do something for fun.

No doctors and nurses there to treat her (although there were some in the audience.)

A special Make a Wish event, just for her.  Rachel Coleman from Signing Time performed a private concert.

A day for Gracie.

A day for her sisters.

A day for her parents.

Of course, I had to get there, even if it meant going to Minnesota for less than 24 hours.  (And even a little less, thanks to some crazy flight delays!)

Rachel Coleman and Leah were wonderful.  The folks from Make a Wish were great.  And my eyes welled up with tears the whole time!