This Good Gift.

Today's blog post is a little different.  I don't have photos from a recent session to show you.  I'm working on some projects and tons of editing and photos of my kids, but I'm not sharing them right now.

This photography thing is a gift.

Professional photographers, semi-pros, hobbyists, however you identify yourselves: USE that gift.

Yes, it's important to have photos of your children.

Yes, it's important to print them.

But it's even more important to give back.  2018 has started a bit rough personally.  We have my car under recall and are driving a loaner.  We are dealing with a new specialist for one of our kids.  We had another nightmare car experience.  (I started writing this a couple weeks ago.  With yet another school shooting, those challenges hardly seem mentioning.)

I've been able to do some fun sessions as gifts.  But I've also been able to provide some less fun sessions as gifts.  

Photographers, say yes.  If no one is asking, find someone who needs photos.

It's worth it.