#MilesForNicole: A Family Session

I met the mom in this family through some neighborhood stuff, but specifically because we're members of the same running club.  (That's been a theme on the blog lately!)  I've known her and her little girl for awhile now, but I loved photographing them alongside her husband and parents!  Grandparents who are in great shape, run races as a family, and are willing to be dragged all over Ft. Ward Park in pursuit of a great photo spot are obviously fun to photograph!  The sweet two year old was so obviously surrounded by love.

But there's more to this session and this story.  My absolute favorite image was one I shot in memory of a family member who passed away.  Her legacy is the reason her sister began running.  I won't do Nicole's story justice, but I urge you to read about her family's efforts here.  This year has featured a few hard and beautiful sessions - rainbow babies, kids facing major medical challenges, and families learning to live in the absence of someone they love.  Please let me know if there's a unique situation in your family you want to memorialize for your session - I'm happy to work with you to create the right image for your story.

Tomorrow, I'm going to be running 9 3/4 #KilometersForNicole (Sorry, haven't done the math in miles.  About 6.)  Much love.