Hit the Beach: Playing in Florida

One of the Class of 2018 Seniors I'll be photographing next month is a beach volleyball player.  Although she lives near my in Arlington, VA, it's hard to watch her play, as she plays all over the country.  My luck is awesome, because she had a tournament just 90 minutes from where I was staying in Florida while I was there with my girls.  Fortunately, this senior happens to be a family friend, so her parents kept an eye on my kids as we watched her play and I photographed the games.

I loved having my kids there.  They were surrounded by confident, STRONG women pursuing a sport they love.  My kids saw the results of hard work, grace under pressure, and sportsmanship, and they saw girls absolutely kicking butt.

I'm still booking Seniors for Fall 2018, so contact me ASAP for your senior photo session!