Photographing Kids: 20 Spring Photos

Spring is here.  The skies are brighter, and many of you will be getting your cameras back out after a long dark winter.  (Well, except for February when it was beautiful outside weather.)

Need some inspiration?  Here's my list of 20 Spring Photos to take of your kids.  Get out your camera and give it a try!

1.  A photo through the playground equipment


2. Trying a Spring sport


3. Playing in the flowers


4. Doing something local and touristy


5. Swinging



6. Getting face paint


7. On the slide


8. Making art


9. Gardening


10. Exploring near home


11. Laying in the grass


12. Running away


13. Looking like a mess/Keeping it real


14. Showing off whatever they want to show off


15. Eating ice cream/popsicles/treats outside


16. Coloring Easter eggs or another spring holiday tradition


17. Running at the camera


18. Jumping


19. Playing in water


20. Forced family fun

Have a wonderful Easter weekend and may your toddler not spill the pink Easter egg dye all over the dining room!