2017 Holiday Gift Guide

It's NOVEMBER!  That means it's time for me to publish my annual holiday gift guide.  Whether you are a photographer or just photo lover, there's a little something here for everyone on your list.  This post includes affiliate links - I get a small percentage of sales on some of these products.

For grandparents, people in general, and anyone who wants to display photos in a classy way:


The image above is the Dainty Shapes Photo Holder set from Noonday Collection.  While I love all things Noonday, this is my photo lover choice.  Get a print set from Artifact Uprising to complete the gift.  Both Noonday and Artifact Uprising have lots of other great gift options, too!

For a high school senior:



Of course, I'll always recommend a gift certificate for a Senior Portrait Session.  But I also love the idea of Pinhole Press wall decals for those moving into dorm rooms!  If you have a senior girl who has a photo session planned, consider gifting a colorful scarf or statement necklace for her photos.

I like these pencil cases from Sandra Smith, which are personalized with name and sport.  They'd make a great big kid stocking stuffer!

For kids:


My kids have loved every item they've received from Pinhole Press.  The board books and memory games are their favorites.  Other kid gifts I love are these donut shirts which have nothing to do with photography but are awesome.  My kids love theirs.  (Unfortunately, my two year old thinks she gets donuts just for wearing hers!)


For Friends with DSLRs:

use DSLR.jpg


Got a new lover of photography in your life?  I always recommend a 1:1 session to learn photo basics for those who get a new DSLR for the holidays!  I offer those sessions primarily in January and February.  Just email me or use the contact tab to book!   I also think a subscription to SmugMug is super helpful for storage and the chance to upgrade and be able to sell work.  I use it to deliver all my galleries but I loved it before I had my business to share with friends and family!

For Tired Photographers:


My good friend over at Capitol Maker makes these mugs!  Every photographer needs one!

For Teachers:

I think a bottle of wine with a custom label would be hilarious, depending on the teacher/kid.



For those of us who have taught special education or been through IEPs as parents, the IEP mug is hilarious.  It's another winner from Capitol Maker.  This set goes well with that wine label!

For Anyone Who Needs Pampering (Moms, Teachers, Tired Photographers....):



Gift some self care from Ceh Flora Gift Co with these sweet boxes.  

And for anyone, of course I offer Megan Landmeier Photography gift certificates!