Photography Basics #1: In the Frame

One of my new offerings as of late 2016 is a photo tutorial session.  The popularity of those sessions has been higher than I anticipated.  With entry level DSLRs more and more affordable and an iPhone in everyone's hand, knowing how to take great pictures is important.  While hiring a professional is obviously something I think is a priority, I'm not moving in with you to document your family's life.  What do you do on the days with no photographer around?

This year, I'm personally focusing on capturing the daily moments with my kids, in the form of a "365 Project" and by bringing my camera along on some daily activities.  I'm also focused on sharing some tips and tricks with YOU, so you can capture your own daily lives in a beautiful and authentic manner.


To start, here's my favorite tip:


You are telling a story.  Does the background help or hurt your storytelling?  You may be thinking, "But Megan, I have young kids and there's not an uncluttered spot in my house!"

I have small kids, too, one of whom we call "Destructo."  But I have walls, most of which the Caroline hasn't drawn on too much, couches, and a window - all of which make great backgrounds.

And sometimes, the story is about the chaos.

Like if the baby got into the toilet paper, go ahead and leave that in the frame.

Also, consider where your subject is in the frame.  Some shots, a centered subject makes sense, especially a little kid looking straight at the camera, like my kindergartener doing a push up.

In other situations, thinking in thirds helps.

The rule of thirds helped me compose this image from a busy scene.  Ellie (5) was serving herself.  Caroline (1) was in her dad's chair stealing fruit.  My husband and I were standing in the kitchen, looking out and I wanted to capture our weekend morning tradition.

And finally, look through whatever is in front of you.  If this is always your view at the playground, preserve it!

Enjoy these tips, and contact me to schedule a 1:1 session to learn your camera!