Welcome, Baby Girl: A Fairlington In-Home Newborn Session

There's an industry standard that newborns should be photographed by 7-10 days old.  And while I get that they change so fast, that those tiny features grow before your eyes, sometimes that timeframe isn't feasible.  

Can I take a moment to share my own experience here?  My kids were both c-sections.  With my first, she was in the NICU until she was 21 days old, so of course 7-10 days didn't fly.  And with my second, I could hardly function at 7 days, or ten days, because caring for two kids after a c-section is hard!

The point being, I take older newborns and I love it.  They have a bit more personality and even if they're less sleepy, they do love to show off those eyes!

Sweet baby E is her parents' first baby, and her family recently moved to my old neighborhood!  We settled into a bedroom with lovely soft light and E showed off for the camera, acting like a doll baby!