Since I'm Obsessed.... I Made a Book!

If you’ve been hanging around this space, you know I am obsessed with Bogotá’s vibrant street art scene. Since I’m a 30-almost-40-something mom of two kids, I don’t look like your typical street art fan. I lack edginess, and I lack a general factor of being cool.

Despite my lack of coolness, the street artists in Bogotá have been extremely gracious when I’ve met them. I have been all over the city with my camera, and I have put together a book of images to share these works with those who aren’t lucky enough to see them in real life, and as a way to save this special part of Bogotá for other temporary residents like us!

You can buy it here.

Bogota Graffiti Tour: The People Post

This is part 2, so if you missed the art post, head back one!

Let’s talk about things I love:

Families and siblings

Street art

New friends who embrace not just my family, but everyone

Exploring new urban areas (sorry ‘burbs.)

Learning new things

So going on the Bogota Graffiti Tour with friends, and while photographing one friend with her visiting sister was heaven on earth. We also had a sunny day - brighter than ideal for photography, but absolutely perfect nonetheless. Sun in Bogota is a gift, and I’ll deal with harsh lighting to enjoy the warmth!

Bogota Graffiti Tour: The Art Post

Last week, I got a fantastic request.

“Can you come on the Graffiti Tour with us and take pictures?”

Um, YES!

This is part one, the art itself. The fantastic fun sisters will be part two.

The Bogota Graffiti Tour is the first graffiti tour in a city full of street art. We spent about two hours walking around La Candelaria and surrounding areas, and one of my friends said the artwork and route were different than the previous time she’d done the tour.